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Educational Professional and mass organizations wonder that the important of education in this level, especially those children who live in rural area to give time for them to prepare themselves as well before facing the formal education in school. Therefore, Kementerian Pertanian, Bahagian Kemajuan Masyarakat (KEMAS) had took the further steps to organize preschool programs in rural area. Preschool program which launched by KEMAS had been given a name as Tabika (Taman Bimbingan Kanak-kanak). The main objective of preschool program is to provide education and social opportunities to those unfortunate children, where the environment in rural area did not attract their interest to learn. Nowadays almost 7,000 ¡°Tabika KEMAS¡± were being developed not only in rural area but also distributed in urban and other locations (Estimation, 1999).

Besides that, there was government agencies and half government agencies took part in this project such as FELDA, RISDA, Kementerian Perpaduan Masyarakat dan Pembangunan Negara including the Jabatan Perpaduan Negara (TADIKA Perpaduan) and Kementerian Sumber Manusia (Jabatan Buruh). On the other hand, non-government agencies include Persatuan Tadika Malaysia (PTM), Angkata Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM), Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri (JAIN), Parti Pas (PASTI), private agencies and university. All of them have their own objectives.

Although the number of kindergarten is grown rapidly but in the year of 1990, there was almost 53% of the total children who were 5 years old still unable to gain the preschool education (Ministry of Education, 1991). This phenomena encouraged the Ministry of Education took another alternative way to develop another kindergarten named ¡°Annex¡± in a few primary school which more focusing in given the educational facilities to poor children from urban and rural area. Some of them are unable to afford the program fees because it is too expensive (Azizah, 1995). Preschool ¡°Annex¡± program was start on 5 January 1992 by Jabatan Sekolah and the total classes were about 1,131 (Estimation, 1999). In the hope that the amount of kindergarten will keep increasing because based on the statistic 1999, there were about 36.6% children still never attended the kindergarten.

Many problems occurred due to the multiple agencies took part in the operational of preschool education. This is because these institutions have their own objectives, orientation, priorities and abilities and also using different languages. Some are using traditional model or academic and some are using Montessory, whole phase of development, open and mixture curriculum. While preschool this organized by the government agencies more focusing on the aspects of socialism, local civil corps, moral character and also the development of cognitive.

Aware of this phenomenon, some preventions or controls have been taken off by the government. Ministry of Education Malaysia had announced ¡°Piagarm Pendidikan 1994¡±. This standard specified 3 items which are, make sure that all children age flowed within 4 to 6 years old must be given the opportunities to gain the education in preschool; unite preschool education which organized by other government agencies into the power of Ministry Education Malaysia; and synchronized and make sure that curriculum are held in all kindergarten. All items are officially written in Akta 550, Undang-undang Malaysia Akta Pendidikan (1996),

Other than that, in Chapter 2- Preschool Education, Section 20. (1) is mentioned that, 'No kindergarten can be developed, managed or organized or organized by except if the kindergarten is registered below this Akta.

Section 22 mentioned that, 'Program and each activity in kindergarten must obey to the rules in curriculum for kindergarten guidelines which have been verified by Ministry.

On the other hand, Section 23 mentioned that, ¡®Although Section 17 (1), languages other than national language can be used as the communication language in kindergarten, but if kindergarten uses other languages as communication language, then national language must be taught as the compulsory subject.

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